Are car washes still open 2022 after the pandemic?

With the pandemic starting to rear its head again, many will want to ask 'can I use a hand car wash near me as the Omicron variant of Covid takes hold? Here's all you need to know. 

Automatic car washDrivers can now use automatic and hand car washes after Covid lockdown restrictions eased on 12 April 2021 - Photo courtesy Pixabay

Will I be able to use a car wash now Covid infections are increasing again with Omicron?

Yes, you can now use all types of car washes from Monday 12 April - including manual washes. 

What car wash near me can I use?

All car washes can now be used - including the manual hand wash facilities that were banned during the national lockdown that started earlier this year. From Monday 12 April 2021, restrictions were eased to allow manual washes to join their automatic counterparts by being able to open for business.

What is an automatic car wash?

An automatic car wash is typically located in a petrol station and has a roll-over action - with no staff intervention needed to make it work.

What is a manual car wash

This is a service where car wash staff members manually wash your car by hand - rather than the automatic versions typically found in petrol stations where there is no intervention from staff members. 

Can I use a jet wash near me to wash my car?

Yes. At the moment, these businesses remain open.

Can I take my car to a hand wash site near me?

Yes. You care allowed to drive your vehicle and use the services of a manual car wash.

Am I allowed to drive to an automatic car wash?

Yes - there are currently no restrictions on movement.

Can I travel to my favourite car wash beyond my immediate area?

Yes you can.


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