Do I need to wear a face mask when driving with passengers?

With Covid infections no longer such an issue in 2024, drivers are asking ‘do I need to wear a mask in my car when driving with passengers?’.

Man wearing a mask in a car because of CovidFind out when and if you might need to wear a mask while driving your car.

I am in the car on my own – do I need to wear a mask?

If travelling in a car on your own there is no need to wear a face covering if you do not wish to. However, it makes sense to wear one if you are suffering from a Covid infection, or other ailment that could be passed on to vulnerable passengers.

I am driving with members of my family as passengers in my private vehicle – do I need a covering?

There are no legal requirements for you to wear a mask while driving in a car, regardless of if you have Covid or any other infection. However, you may choose to do so,

What if the passengers are my children?

There are no requirements to wear a mask, regardless who is in the car.

I am travelling in a private vehicle with friends or colleagues

No mask required.

Should I have my car’s blower on to help with ventilation?

Yes this is always sensible if someone has an infection in the car, but you should switch the system to pull in fresh air from the outside and not choose the recirculation option which could simply circulate the virus, if present, throughout the cabin.

I wear glasses that steam up when I wear a mask when driving

No mask is required.

Do I need to wear a mask when having a driving lesson?


Is wearing a mask mandatory in a car?


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