When is series 4 of Grace on TV?

When is series 4 coming to ITV

The next set of Grace episodes have been confirmed for screening in 2024, but no exact transmission dates have been confirmed by the schedulers at ITV. 

What books will be adapted for series 4 of Grace?

The following Roy Grace books by Peter James will be adapted for series 4 of Grace:

Series 4 (2024)

No. Title On air date 
1 "Dead Man's Time" 2024
2 "Want You Dead" 2024
3 "You Are Dead" 2024
4 "Love You Dead" 2024

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Grace - series five confirmed

Along with series 4 returning 2024, it has been confirmed another series of four episodes will follow. 

The show's executive Producer Phil Hunter said: “It’s fantastic that Grace is back for a fifth series and we get to adapt another four of Peter's brilliant books for ITV.

"I can't wait to see the cast and crew assembled for what will be my first series. It's wonderful to be working with such a talented group of people who put their all into making a show they love.”

Peter James who wrote the original crime novels added: "When the first episode of Grace aired in 2021, it was a dream come true. It is both heartening and astounding to me that we're already at series five!

Who plays DSI Roy Grace, DI Glenn Branson, DS Bella Moy, DC Emma Jane Boutwood and Cleo Moray in ITV crime drama Grace?

Here are the main cast members we've met so far in the first instalment to air of Grace - in Dead Simple. Look out for new characters from the books joining soon.

Who plays DSI Roy Grace? 

The role of DS Roy Grace is taken by award-winning actor John Simm. A veteran of hit TV dramas, Simm has also been seen in shows such as Life on Mars, where he played time-travelling cop Sam Tyler, and the Master in Doctor Who. He has also appeared on stage and film.

Who plays Cleo Moray? 

Grace's love interest, Cleo Moray, is played by actress Zoe Tapper, who many will know from her role as Anya Raczynski in Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons.

Who plays DS Glenn Branson?

Richie Campbell plays Grace's right-hand man Glenn Branson in ITV's Sunday evening crime drama Grace. The 39-year-old actor has appeared in television shows including The Bill, Holby City, Waterloo Road and DCI Banks. Parents might recognise his voice from various roles in Thomas & Friends. 

Who plays DS Bella Moy?

Many viewers of the first episode of Grace will recognise the actress playing DS Bella Moy as Laura Elphinstone, who will likely be best-known to crime TV fans for her role as Michelle Brandyce in Line Of Duty, while many others will also recognise Laura as Nora from Game Of Thrones.

Who plays DC Emma Jane Boutwood?

Eager young Detective Constable Emma Jane Boutwood is played by Amaka Okafor. Grace fans may also recognise her from real-life crime drama, Des, covering the gruesome serial killer Dennis Nilson.

Who plays Cleo Morey?

Mortuary worker Cleo Morey will be played by actress Zoe Tapper, who viewers will recognise from recent TV shows such as Liar and Nightflyers. Perhaps she will make a trip to the mortuary a little more enticing for DSI Grace... 

Who plays DS Norman Potting?

Craig Parkinson - who most will know as Matthew 'Dot' Cottan from Line Of Duty - seems perfectly cast as the old-school DS Norman Potting. In the novels, the character is not the most politically correct member of the team, but good sold policing gets results. Let's hope Parkinson is able to retain this persona for the TV adaptation.

What is the plot in Not Dead Yet (book)?

Larry Brooker, a producer based in LA, sees this movie as his potential fortune-maker after years of struggling. Gaia, a renowned rockstar, hopes that her role in the film will earn her an Oscar nomination and establish her as a serious actor. Meanwhile, the city of Brighton and Hove stands to benefit greatly from the publicity of having a major Hollywood production filmed on location, telling the story of the city's most famous love affair between King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert. However, for Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of Sussex CID, the situation is turning into a nightmare. Gaia has become the target of an obsessed stalker, who has already attempted to take her life before she even arrives in Brighton. Now, Grace has been warned that the stalker may be in his city, planning and waiting for his next move.

Grace series 3

Series three will return with the next three books in Peter James' series of novels. 

The next three books to be adapted are:

Dead Like You (2010)
Dead Man's Grip (2011)
Not Dead Yet (2012)

When was Grace series 3 on TV?

Grace producer Kiaran Murray-Smith has taken to Twitter to confirm that filming of the new series has been completed and is now moving to post-production, saying: So we've finished filming #Grace S3 #DeadLikeYou #DeadMansGrip #NotDeadYet and starting the post process with the amazing @Matt_Slater in @AIRstudios. What a privilege!

Asked when he expects Series 3 of Grace to be broadcast on ITV, he replied: "I reckon about March/April but we don't know for sure until ITV firms up its schedule." So expect to see Series 3 in the spring.

ITV is yet to confirm the date of the Grace series 3.

The author released his latest Grace novel, Picture You Dead in September 2022, so fans can get their fix of Grace, Glen Branson and Norman Potting by purchasing that ahead of the new TV series.

Will there be Grace Series 4 and what books will it feature?

Again, Grace producer Kiaran Murray-Smith has taken to Twitter to confirm the news that all Grace fans wanted to hear - Series four of the show has been commissioned and will start filming in April. And the big news is that it will be four books - and therefore episodes - this time around. 

Murray-Smith also confirmed the books being adapted will be Dead Man's Time, Want You Dead, You Are Dead and Love You Dead. The series of four episodes follows the timeline of books as published by author Peter James.  

What happens in Dead Like You?

A woman is raped as she returns to her room at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton after a wild New Year’s Eve party. Just seven days later, another woman is attacked – but both victims’ shoes are taken by the perpetrator.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace soon realises the new attacks are remarkably similar to an unsolved series of crimes committed in Brighton in 1997. The attacker had been dubbed ‘Shoe Man’ and was suspected to have raped five women before murdering a sixth victim and then vanishing. Is it a copycat, or has Shoe Man returned?

When more women are assaulted, Grace becomes increasingly sure he is dealing with the same man. And that by looking back into the past, he may find the key to solve the current mystery. Soon Grace and his team find themselves in a race to identify and save the life of the new sixth victim.

We also find out more about Grace and his missing wife Sandy.

Peter James the author of Roy Grace as seen in ITV's GraceDI Roy Grace author Peter James pictured with a fan of his books on match day at Brighton and Hove Albion's AMEX stadium

Looking Good Dead is the second in the series of books by Sussex-based author Peter James featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. 
Along with being a top-selling novel, the book has also been a huge stage success and adapted for TV in the hit ITV drama Grace, starring award-winning actor John Simm - following on from the first in the series, Dead Simple, which has already been adapted for the ITV series.
Here is all you need to know about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and his sidekick Glenn Branson, played by Richie Campbell and DS Bella Moy, Laura Elphinstone.
We'll also take a look at the other Peter James novels in the series that are now likely to become part of Grace as an ongoing television series.  

What is the plot in ITV's Grace - Looking Good Dead

Looking Good Dead finds Tom Bryce, who picks up a CD left behind on a train heading to Brighton on the South Coast, and while attempting to return it to its owner, the unfortunate Mr Bryce witnesses a brutal murder. 
Following this his young family is threatened and told their lives are at risk if he talks to the police. But instead of giving in to the threats, Bryce puts his life on the line by going to police in the city - making a statement to the murder team headed by Detective Superintendent Roy Grace
The action is enough to seal the Bryce family's fate - as an antemortem notice of their death is posted online for all to see. As the story says, they are indeed Looking Good Dead.
And if that's not enough to keep Grace occupied, he is tormented by the disappearance of his beloved wife Sandy.

When is Grace Looking Good Dead on TV? Transmission date confirmed

Grace: Looking Good Dead will air as the first in a new, full season of Grace episodes in April 2022.
The new series will be shown on ITV on Sunday April 24 at 8pm. The show will last two hours. 
Talking earlier in the year on Twitter about the on-air date, Roy Grace author Pete James revealed that he "hopes to have some news on this soon". The message was appended with a smile emoji.

And a tweet from the excellent Richie Campbell, who plays Grace's right-hand man DI Glenn Branson, the actor took things further with the news that Grace: Looking Good Dead will air in spring 2022 - along with three new episodes. 

Latest news from the Grace camp is that Grace: Looking Good Dead will hit ITV on UK screens in April 2022.

What about more episodes of ITV's Grace?

Peter James, speaking to fans in his Christmas video confirmed that viewers will be treated to four new episodes of Grace starting in April 2022. These should be as follows:

Will there be more episodes of Grace coming to ITV?

Yes! The first two Roy Grace books have been adapted into TV dramas - with both set to be aired in 2021 - and the series has since been renewed for a second season following the success of the debut episode, Dead Simple. Filming for season two has already started in Brighton.

What is next for Grace?

Filming for the next instalment, Not Dead Enough, has already started in Brighton - see above. This new episode of hit ITV drama Grace will see Roy Grace and his team investigating a seemingly impossible murder.

Dead Man's Footsteps and Dead Tomorrow have also been commissioned as the filming follows the order in which Peter James released the print series.

ITV’s Head of Drama Polly Hill commented: “We are delighted to be adapting more of Peter James’ wonderful novels. John Simm has brilliantly brought the much-loved Detective Superintendent Roy Grace to screen and there are many more cases for the audiences to enjoy. ”

We are hoping to see this and other new episodes hitting screens sometime in 2022...

When is the new Roy Grace book out and what will it be called?

Peter James has revealed the next Roy Grace book will be called Picture You Dead and that it will be in shops September 2022 - a little later than the traditional Grace publication date of May. 

Will there be more Roy Grace books on the way?

Peter James announced in January 2022 that he has signed a new five-year deal with his publisher Pan Macmillan, so expect plenty more action from Sussex cop Grace - and with luck we'll be seeing him make plenty more appearances on screen in ITV's Grace.

Full cast for Grace: Looking Good Dead on ITV, Sunday 24, April, 8pm

DS Roy Grace    JOHN SIMM
ACC Alison Vosper    RAKIE AYOLA
DC Nick Nicholl    BRAD MORRISON
DC Emma Jane Boutwood    AMAKA OKAFOR
DS Norman Potting    CRAIG PARKINSON
Zack Bryce    AMIT SHAH
Andy Gilney    JAMES TARPEY
Janie Stretton    KRISTY PHILIPPS
Martin Broom    MICHAEL D. XAVIER
Rufus Fletcher    MITCHELL HUNT
Chris Webb    ALEX PRICE
Verity Cantlie    CASSIE CLARE
Reginald D'Eath     OWEN ROBERTS
Mr Seiler    SIDNEY KEAN
Elaine Dupont    SALLY EDWARDS
Dr Theobald    HENRY MILLER
Professor Otto Johansson    CALLUM COATES
 Philip Stretton    STEVEN ELDER
Danni Brown     KATIE BRAYBEN

Roy Grace books in order - read more from Peter James

If, like millions of others, you can't get enough of DSI Roy Grace as he investigates murders across Brighton and Sussex, you'll be pleased to hear that author Peter James has a collection of 17 books you can choose from. Here is the list of Roy Grace books in order. 


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