Grace: Not Dead Enough - when is it on TV and who stars in the ITV drama?

Not Dead Enough is the third in the series of books by Sussex-based author Peter James following Detective Superintendent Roy Grace - and it's now coming to the UK screens in 2022 - following the first two instalments of Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead - but when is it due to be on TV and who is in it?

Here we look at the murderous plot of Not Dead Enough, who is in the TV adaptation, and list all the Roy Grace series of books in order of publication.

Peter James the author of Roy Grace as seen in ITV's GraceDI Roy Grace author Peter James pictured with a fan of his books on match day at Brighton and Hove Albion's AMEX stadium

Not Dead Enough is the third in the series of unmissable books by Sussex-based author Peter James featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. 
The first books in the serious have now been adapted into the popular ITV series Grace ,with Ashes to Ashes star John Simm taking the lead role of Roy Grace.
Here is all you need to know about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and his sidekick Glenn Branson, played by Richie Campbell, DS Bella Moy, Laura Elphinstone and the not so politically correct Norman Potting played by Craig Parkinson from Line of Duty.
We'll also take a look at the other Peter James novels in the series that are now likely to become part of Grace as an ongoing television series.  

What is the plot in Not Dead Enough?

Months on from his last investigation and with Grace’s team still reeling from the fallout, Roy must hurry to prove that a wealthy Brighton businessman has brutally murdered his wife in an impossible new case.

On the night that Brian Bishop murdered his wife he was sixty miles away, asleep in bed. Or at least that is what the facts of the case would seem to prove to Roy Grace who is called in to investigate the 'kinky' killing of socialite Katie Bishop.

As the team dig into Bishop's outwardly respectable life, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems... resulting in a thrilling and terrifying conclusion. 

Who is 'Sandy' that is referred to in Grace?

Sandy is Roy Grace's wife, who suddenly disappeared without a trace, Despite extensive searches by the police - and even visiting a clairvoyant - there have been no clues as to what happened to the cop's wife... look out for the sub-plot to play out further in future episodes. 

When is Grace Not Dead Enough on TV? Transmission date confirmed

Grace: Not Dead Enough Dead will air as the second episode in a new, full season of Grace.
The new episode, Grace: Not Dead Enough will air on Sunday 1 May at 8pm.

What about more episodes of ITV's Grace?

Peter James, speaking to fans in his Christmas video confirmed that viewers will be treated to four new episodes of Grace starting in April 2022. These should be as follows:
    • Looking Good Dead - ITV 24 April 2022

    • Not Dead Enough  - ITV 1 May 2022

    • Dead Man's Footsteps

    • Dead Tomorrow

Who plays DSI Roy Grace, DI Glenn Branson, DS Bella Moy and DC Emma Jane Boutwood in ITV crime drama Grace?

Here are the main cast members we've met so far in the first instalment to air of Grace - in Dead Simple. Look out for new characters from the books joining soon.

Who plays DSI Roy Grace? 

The role of DS Roy Grace is taken by award-winning actor John Simm. A veteran of hit TV dramas, Simm has also been seen in shows such as Life on Mars, where he played time-travelling cop Sam Tyler, and the Master in Doctor Who. He has also appeared on stage and film.

Who plays DS Glenn Branson

Richie Campbell plays Grace's right-hand man Glenn Branson in ITV's Sunday evening crime drama Grace. The 39-year-old actor has appeared in television shows including The Bill, Holby City, Waterloo Road and DCI Banks. Parents might recognise his voice from various roles in Thomas & Friends. 

Who plays DS Bella Moy

Many viewers of the first episode of Grace will recognise the actress playing DS Bella Moy as Laura Elphinstone, who will likely be best-known to crime TV fans for her role as Michelle Brandyce in Line Of Duty, while many others will also recognise Laura as Nora from Game Of Thrones.

Who plays DC Emma Jane Boutwood?

Eager young Detective Constable Emma Jane Boutwood is played by Amaka Okafor. Grace fans may also recognise her from real-life crime drama, Des, covering the gruesome serial killer Dennis Nilson.

Who plays Cleo Morey?

Mortuary worker Cleo Morey will be played by actress Zoe Tapper, who viewers will recognise from recent TV show such as Liar and Nightflyers. Perhaps she will make a trip to the mortuary a little more enticing for DSI Grace... 

Who plays DS Norman Potting?

Craig Parkinson - who most will know as Matthew 'Dot' Cottan from Line Of Duty - seems perfectly cast as the old-school DS Norman Potting. In the novels, the character is not the most politically correct member of the team, but good sold police gets results. Let's hope Parkinson is able to retain this persona for the TV adaptation.

Will there be more episodes of Grace coming to ITV?

Yes! The first two Roy Grace books have been adapted into TV dramas - with both set to be aired in 2021 - and the series has since been renewed for a second season following the success of the debut episode, Dead Simple. Filming for season two has already been wrapped in Brighton.

What is next for Grace?

Along with Not Dead Enough, Dead Man's Footsteps and Dead Tomorrow have also been commissioned and filmed. The episodes sticking to the order in which Peter James released the print series.

ITV’s Head of Drama Polly Hill commented: “We are delighted to be adapting more of Peter James’ wonderful novels. John Simm has brilliantly brought the much-loved Detective Superintendent Roy Grace to screen and there are many more cases for the audiences to enjoy. ”

We are hoping to see this and other new episodes hitting screens sometime in 2022...

When is the new Roy Grace book out and what will it be called?

Peter James has revealed the next Roy Grace book will be be called Picture You Dead and that it will be in shops September 2022 - a little later than the traditional Grace publication date of May. 

Will there be more Roy Grace books on the way?

Peter James announced in January 2022 that he has signed a new five-year deal with his publishers Pan Macmillan, so expect plenty more action from Sussex cop Grace - and with luck we'll be seeing him make plenty more appearances on screen in ITV's Grace.

Full cast for Grace: Not Dead Enough on ITV, Sunday 01, May, 8pm

  • John Simm - DS Roy Grace
  • William Andrews - Joe Tindall
  • Amelia Armande - Lorna
  • Rakie Ayola - ACC Alison Vosper
  • Richie Campbell - DS Glenn Branson
  • Tom Christian - Darren Wardle
  • Alexander Cobb - Kevin Spinella
  • Rosa Coduri - Holly
  • Michael D'Cruze - Counsellor
  • Arthur Darvill - Bishop / Jecks
  • Laura Elphinstone DS Bella Moy
  • Kelly Gough - Roberta Vernon
  • Laura Jeanne - Katya Bishop
  • Ben Lambert - Barty Chancellor
  • Shonagh Marie - Beth
  • Brad Morrison - DC Nick Nicholl
  • Joshua J Parker - Skunk
  • Craig Parkinson - DS Norman Potting
  • Gwyneth Powell - Joan Talbot
  • Jessye Romeo - Sophie Carrington
  • Zoë Tapper - Chloe Morey
  • Carolina Valdés - Nadiuska De Sancha
  • Chris Wilson - Ambulance Paramedic

Roy Grace books in order - read more from Peter James

If, like millions of others, you can't get enough of DSI Roy Grace as he investigates murders across Brighton and Sussex, you'll be please to hear that author Peter James has a collection of 17 books you can choose from. Here is the list of Roy Grace books in order. 


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