How much to change the name on a plane ticket?

Have you noticed a spelling mistake in the name on your airline ticket, or maybe you've had to change your plans and want to transfer the ticket to someone else altogether. These are both scenarios that will need addressing well in advance of departure day in most cases - with the possibility a mistake in a traveller's name seeing them barred from joining the flight. Here travel journalist and expert Pete Barden looks at the how you can go about amending, or even transferring your plane ticket - and how much it will cost with top airlines flying from the UK. 

A name is spelt incorrectly on an airline ticket - does it matter?

While minor issues – such as a transposed letter – may seem insignificant, it is possible that some security staff at the airport might refuse permission to board the plane. You should get the mistake rectified as soon as possible. There may be a small charge for this, or even a whole new ticket fee required. Use the chart below to see how your airline is likely to react to such requests.

Can I change a plane ticket to a new person?

There are some airlines that will let you change a name for free with medical evidence. However, some will charge and the amount will typically be much higher than correcting a mistake. Some airlines will demand you cancel the booking – and potentially lose all the money – and book a new ticket.

Will I need to change a plane ticket to my new married name?

Heading off on honeymoon, it might seem a romantic gesture to book the flight ticket in the bride’s new married name, but if this does not match the name in her passport – she will not be able to board the flight. If the passport has not been changed, you should book the ticket in her maiden name.

The same applies for divorce, only book the ticket in the name that matches your passport. Find out how and when you need to change the name in your passport here.

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Can I change plane ticket names online?

If possible, making name changes online will typically be much cheaper. Ryanair charges £115 online to change a name, or £160 if you have to speak to a customer service agent.

Do you pay for name changes on outbound and inbound flights?

If changing a name on the ticket attracts a cost, it is likely that you will need to pay a fee for the flight to your destination and the return home.

Wrong surname on airline ticket - does it matter?

Yes. You must match your passport when it comes to the name on your airline ticket. a mis-spelling or completely wrong surname on the ticket could see you grounded before your trip even starts. Use the information below to find out more about how to remedy the situation. 

Do you need your middle name on airline ticket?

As long as the middle name is completely missing - and not spelt incorrectly - then you should be fine to fly. However, if it is included, but is wrong, then you should speak to your airline asap, as you will most likely need to get it corrected - which could mean you incur a cost. 

Airline charges for changing names on flight tickets

The following information reveals how much it could cost to change a name on flight tickets for leading airlines flying from the UK in 2022.

Aer Lingus

Change name on ticket: £80 per name change. Small spelling mistakes are typically corrected for free. Call the airline.

Details: Aer Lingus ticket change information.

Air France

Changing name on ticket: Air France says changing names on tickets is not possible. The website states:
‘The name indicated on your ticket cannot be modified. If it contains a typo or if you have changed names, please contact your point of sale or the sales department by phone.’

Details: Click here for information on ticket name changes at Air France.

American Airlines

Changing name on ticket: Strong security, visas and waivers make correcting or changing names complicated for those booked with American Airlines. Call the carrier or ticket agent as soon as possible for current advice.

Details: Contact American Airlines’ UK customer service here.

British Airways (BA)

Changing name on ticket: 

If the name of the person travelling is spelt incorrectly or does not match their name as it is on their passport, then spelling mistakes in the name of a traveller can be changed over the phone - if all of the flights on the ticket are operated by British Airways. BA does not charge for this type of correction, however if  taxes, fees, carrier charges or fuel surcharges have changed since the booking was made, the airline will take any additional money due from these. Travellers may be asked to send through copies of documents if the BA Customer Support team need them to support the name correction. Name corrections are more complicated when other airlines are on a customer's e-ticket, in which case BA agents will be able to explain what needs doing.

Additionally, it is not possible to update/correct a name on an ticket by entering the corrected name/spelling in the Advance Passenger Information, as this information doesn't make any changes to that person's e-ticket.

Details: Click here to view more information on BA’s ticket change.


Changing name on ticket: Passengers can change minor mistakes and title changes for free when flying with easyJet, but changing a name will cost £55 online or £60 if speaking to an operator, per passenger change. Passengers should note this will be charged on both outward and inbound flights.  

Details: More information on the easyJet name change policy.


Changing name on ticket: Names can be corrected if they are incorrect on the ticket, but this must be done before any flights are taken. If you have legally changed your name, you can update the ticket at any time, with supporting documentation. There is likely to be a £10 charge for changes per ticket bought direct, or £20 if purchased through an agent.

Emirates will not allow tickets to be transferred from one passenger to another. The ticket will need to be cancelled – with all charges paid – and a new one booked.

Details: Find ticket change details on the Emirates website here.


No longer operating


Changing name on ticket: You can correct spelling errors of up to three letters for free at the Manage My Booking feature, or by calling Jet2’s call centre. Changing a passenger’s name will cost £35 per flight, and any difference in the cost of the ticket at that time may also be added – whereas no refunds will be given if the price drops.

Details: Find out more about changing your name on Jet2 tickets.


Changing name on ticket: You can have a typo corrected for free if you booked your trip via KLM and are flying with KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines. If one of your flights is operated by another partner airline, you should submit the request to correct a typo at least 72 hours before departure.

The website states you cannot change the name of the person flying, so it’s likely you will need to cancel the ticket and pay for a new one if required – with all the charges this may incur. Check the website below for 'mistakes' that will not need  to be changed.

Details: Find out more about changing your name on KLM tickets.


Changing name on ticket: Norwegian will let you can change date and time, destination and the name of the ticket holder (for a fee) up to 30 minutes before the departure is scheduled for most destinations online. If not making corrections online, there is a £20 fee for changes made by phone or at the airport.

LowFare and LowFare+ ticket holders can change names on tickets for £60, while Flex tickets can be changed for free. Charges apply to both outbound and inbound flights.

Details: More information on changing names on Norwegian tickets.


Changing name on ticket: Names can be changed up to 2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. Spelling mistakes of up to 3 characters per name can be corrected free of charge through the My Booking section up to 48 hours before departure. Further changes will incur a fee, starting at £115 online, or £160 if you need a customer service operator to make the alteration.

Details: Find out how to change names on Ryanair flight tickets.


Changing name on ticket: The website states: "The current charge to change a name is £25, this is subject to change and dependent on the type of package you have booked."

Details: Find more information on the TUI T&Cs page.

Virgin Atlantic

Changing name on a ticket: If you spot a small spelling mistake in your name on the ticket, Virgin Atlantic will correct this for free. You can also ask the airline to change your name for free if you have had it legally changed. You will, however, need to supply supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate. You will not be able to transfer your ticket to another person by changing the name. You'll need to buy a new ticket to add another traveller.

Details: How to change your name on a Virgin Atlantic flight ticket.

Wizz Air

Name change details: Full name changes on Wizz Air flight tickets will be charged at €60 per person, per flight if completed online. Using an operator will bring an additional charge. Minor spelling mistakes on names will likely be made without a fee being paid.

Details: Find out how much to change names on Wizz Air tickets.

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