How to speak to a real person at Amazon?


With the Covid pandemic helping to boost the ongoing popularity of online sales, Amazon's Alexa is busy helping sign us up to pricey add-ons such as Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime trials. But how do you speak to a real person at Amazon to get a refund for these and other services and goods?

Woman stressed searching for Amazon contact with real personFinding a contact address for a 'real' person at Amazon can be stressful for some  (Credit: Pixabay)

Cancelling the service is easy enough, but with many of us tightening our household's fiscal belt, most of us will want the initial payment back too – which is where the difficulty starts.

In many cases, you will need to speak to an Amazon operator to get the original payment refunded – even if you have managed to cancel the ongoing subscription.

I can't find how to speak to a real person at Amazon

You aren't alone. Anyone thinking you'll turn up, hit 'contact us' and find a handy telephone number will be disappointed.

However, you will be able to get to a chat facility, that will start with a bot, but will eventually allow connect you to a 'real' person at the online retail giant.

You will then be able to explain the situation then get the refund in the system and heading back to your grateful bank account.

How do I find the link to speak to someone?

It's best to do this on a laptop or desktop, as mobile devices will likely require you to download the Amazon app.

You will also need to have your username and password at hand to reach the chat feature.

Once you have all that ready to go, simply hit this link to take you to the chat page. - we are leaving this as a copy & paste link to ensure you can see it is genuine.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime trial and other services

You may have intentionally, or in many cases unintentionally, found yourself signed-up for an Amazon Prime trial or subscription. 
So how do you cancel the trial or subscription if you have changed your mind? Simple, just follow these instructions from Amazon. 
"You can end your Amazon Prime membership, or cancel your free trial to ensure that it doesn't convert to a full Amazon Prime membership.
Select Manage, select Update, Cancel and More, and then follow the on-screen instructions."

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