How to cook and bone a fresh herring - video

Looking for a healthy, sustainable and tasty fish meal? Look no further than herring. Here's how to cook and bone the tasty fish for a plate-ready meal in just 5-10 minutes. 

Here is how to cook and bone fresh herring 

Where can I get herring?

Head to your local fishmonger for fresh fish straight from the ocean for best results. The fish we used here were bought straight from the small fishing fleet at Hastings in Sussex.

How to cook it

Once you've gutted it - and don't forget to keep the roe for other tasty recipes - simply drop your fish in a frying pan and put on a medium heat.

There is no need to add any additional oil, as the oily fish will produce more than enough themselves. And don't forget, this will be rich in omega 3 with all of the associated health benefits.

How long do I cook it for?

You'll only need to cook it in the pan for around 5 minutes. Once they're looking ready, simply drop the fish on a chopping board and get ready bone a couple of juicy fillets from each fish.

How to bone the fish

With the fish lying on its side, use a sharp knife to cut down the centre of its back - from just behind the head to the base of its tail.

Now gently tease the knife under the top fillet and flip it off the bones. You'll then be able to pick up the tail and remove all the bones in one smooth movement - leaving two tasty fillets to tuck into right away.

How to serve

In this recipe, we've just added mash, peas and a little seasoning for a quick, healthy, tasty and very cheap meal.

Enjoy and remember to share this with friends who want to take enjoy a more sustainable diet.

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