How to set up a free property alert

Many people will have heard stories, such as how Reverend Mike Hall returned to his house in Luton, only to find out that fraudsters had stolen his identity and sold it – leaving  him little hope of getting it back.

Here we look at how home owners can set up an alert with the UK Land Registry to inform them of any activity taking place on their property.

This could help prevent your home being taken by a third-party who has taken over your identity. Here’s how to set up the warning – and don’t forget to share with family and friends.

Houses that can be added to a property alertPutting your home on a Land Registry Property Alert could help save it from fraud

What is the property alert from the Land Registry?

The Property Alert is a free monitoring system that is designed to help those who believe their registered building might be at risk from fraud – like that experienced by Reverend Mike Hall in Luton.

What happens when you sign-up to the service?

When you sign up to the service, you will get email notifications to your inbox when certain types of activity occur on the record of the property you are monitoring.

Where can the property be located for a notification to be set?

These alerts can be set for buildings that are situated in England or Wales – and that are registered with HM Land Registry.

When are the warnings sent about registered properties?

Email notifications will be sent when ‘when official searches and applications are received against a monitored property’.

These could be vital to stopping fraudsters preparing to take over or sell a building through the use of identity fraud.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious notification?

Receiving an alert about activity that seems suspicious should trigger urgent action. Fortunately, the alert from the Land Registry will include details of where to direct your concerns about possible fraud.

Do I have to own a building to register?

No – anyone can put an alert on a dwelling.

Should I set one for a property I own and let out?

Living as a tenant in a house can make it easier to steal the identity of the owner, so if you rent out a building it makes good sense to set an alert on such properties.

What about a flat in a block – can I register an alert?

Yes – but make sure you register the notification in the name of the leaseholder and not the freeholder.

How many properties can I set them up for?

Individual account holders can set up the service for up to ten properties.

What will I need to set up an alert?

You will need a valid email address and the postcode, or title number of the property that will be put on the alert.

Where can I make an account?

You can set up an account and property here

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