Where can I keep my keys at Stansted Airport parking 2022 latest

Airport parking firms can have a lot of bad press – with reports of some park and ride airport parking firms (not based at Stansted Airport) allegedly using customers’ cars in Top Gear-style road-test videos – so keeping your keys gives peace of mind that your vehicle won’t be subject to such abuse while parking at Stansted Airport.

Airport car parkCan you keep your keys when using Stansted Airport parking? (Credit: Pxhere.com)

Of course most parking firms are legitimate and look after cars in high-security compounds or on-airport car parks with all the additional security these facilities afford.

Here we take an independent look at the Stansted Airport parking firms that do and don’t require you to leave your keys when heading off on flights.  

Can I keep my keys when using Stansted Airport parking?

Here we look at a selection of the popular Stansted Airport parking options available to travellers flying from this facility.

Stansted Airport parking

Can you keep car keys?

APH Park and Ride Stansted Airport No
APH Meet & Greet, Stansted Airport No
Stansted Short Stay Parking - official Yes
Stansted Airport Long Stay Car Park - official Yes
Stansted Meet & Greet, Stansted Airport - official No
Bubble Park & Ride, Stansted Airport No
I Love Park & Ride , Stansted Airport No
I Love Meet and Greet No
I Love Meet and Greet Valet No
Maple Parking Park and Ride No

How can I book the Stansted Airport parking?

As an independent publisher, we do not offer affiliate links to the car parks. Search for the Stansted Airport parking options above to get your quote ahead of departure day.

Should I used  a security pouch for my car keys left at Stansted Airport parking?

These pouches are designed to stop so-called 'relay thefts' on cars with keyless ignition systems - like many high-value new vehicles - which occur when a remote device is used to fool the car into believing that the genuine key fob is close by. This then allows the car to be unlocked and the engine to be started. The devices can work over a distance of up to 100 metres.

Some airport parking firms will leave customer keys in a cabinet close to where the cars are stored, potentially leaving then open to a relay theft. Ask the car park provider if your car keys will be kept in a Faraday-style cage, which can block the signal. Alternatively, purchase a security pouch for your keys and insist the Stansted Airport parking firm ensures your keys are stored in it at all time. 

There have been no reported cases of this sort of theft at Stansted Airport parking firms, but thieves are using ever-more sophisticated methods so implementing such additional security measures - like the security pouch for car keys - could save your car from being stolen. 

Confirm car key status at time of booking.

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