What countries use the euro currency?

We all know to buy euros for holidays in the likes of Spain and Greece, but what about destinations such as Turkey and up-and-coming locations including Bulgaria and the Czech Republic (Czechia)? Find out if these, and all European countries, use the euro or other currencies with this list compiled by travel journalist and expert Pete Barden

You will need to check  the list, because of the 51 states that make up Europe, fewer than half use the euro as currency. Being a member of the EU does not automatically mean that the euro will be used. To help ensure travellers order the correct currency ahead of their trip, here is a list of European countries and the currency required for each. Correct at time of writing.

What countries use the euro?Not even all EU member-states used the euro - in fact, just 19 of them do.  (Credit: Pxhere)

Countries that use the euro

Don't head online or out to the bank to get your holiday currency before reading this list covering EU and all European countries that use the euro.


European Union member / European Economic Area

Currency used

Albania NO Albanian Lek ALL
Andorra NO Euro
Armenia NO Armenian Dram AMD
Austria YES Euro
Azerbaijan NO Azerbaijan Manat AZN
Belarus NO Belarusian Ruble BYN
Belgium YES Euro
Bosnia and Herzegovina NO Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark BAM
Bulgaria YES Bulgarian Lev BGN
Croatia YES Croatian Kuna HRK
Cyprus YES Euro
Czech Republic (Czechia) YES Czech Koruna (CZK)
Denmark YES Danish Krone DKK
Estonia YES Euro
Finland YES Euro
France YES Euro
Georgia NO Georgian Lari GEL
Germany YES Euro
Greece YES Euro
Hungary YES Hungarian Forint HUF
Iceland NO (EEA) Icelandic Krona ISK
Ireland YES Euro
Italy YES Euro
Kazakhstan NO Kazakhstani Tenge KZT
Kosovo NO Euro
Latvia YES Euro
Liechtenstein NO (EEA) Swiss Franc CHF
Lithuania YES Euro
Luxemburg YES Euro
Malta YES Euro
Moldova NO Moldovan Leu MDL
Monaco NO Euro
Montenegro NO Euro
The Netherlands YES Euro
North Macedonia NO Macedonian Denar MKD
Norway NO (EEA) Norwegian Krone NOK
Poland YES Polish Złoty PLN
Portugal YES Euro
Romania YES Romanian Leu RON
Russia NO Russian Ruble RUB
San Marino NO Euro
Serbia NO Serbian Dinar RSD
Slovakia YES Euro
Slovenia YES Euro
Spain YES Euro
Sweden YES Swedish Krona SEK
Switzerland NO Swiss Franc CHF
Turkey NO Turkish Lira TRY
Ukraine NO Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH
United Kingdom NO Pound Sterling GBP
Vatican City NO Euro

Dependent territories currency



European Union member


Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK) NO Euro
Aland Islands (Finland) YES Euro
Faroe Islands (Denmark) NO Faroese Krona
Gibraltar (UK) NO Gibraltar Pound GIP
Guernsey (UK) NO Guernsey Pound GGP
Isle of Man (UK) NO Manx Pound IMP
Jersey (UK) NO Jersey Pound JEP
Svalbard & Jan Mayen (Norway) NO Norwegian Krone NOK
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