Electric car charging points at UK airports


With more people investing in electric cars, we list the EV charging points offered by airports across Great Britain for drivers dropping off or picking up friends and family at the terminal.

Don't head to off to drop-off or pick up before finding out here if  facilities are available to top up your battery should you require it. 

Can I charge my electric car at the airport while picking up or dropping off a friend or family member?

Many of the UK's major air travel hubs offer electric car facilities for those on a quick trip to the terminals - as opposed to drivers who park in long stay car parks while they are travelling. 

However, there are not huge numbers of chargers available at most and some have no such facilities at all, which is disappointing as the aviation industry is being urged to clean up its emissions. 

UK airports with public electric charging points (ECPs)

Here are the UK airports with  facilities for drivers looking to give their car's battery a quick top-up.

Aberdeen Airport electric car charging

There are four chargers on the first floor of the Short Stay car park. Additionally, two more are located in the Priority car park, on the left-hand side from the car park entrance. Just turn up at the Short Stay or Priority car parks and pay the gate rate for time it takes to add charge.

Aberdeen Airport EV car charge details here.

Birmingham International Airport electric car charging

Birmingham International offers EV chargers suitable for many vehicles. These are located within the Premium Set Down car park and are available to use with parking discounted to £2 for the first hour (top-ups take about 20 minutes). Click the link for further details on connectivity.

Find out more about EV facilities at Birmingham Airport.

Bristol Airport electric car charging

This facility provides charge bays in the Long Stay car park and relevant parking charges are applied on exit. These ECPs are not pre-bookable and operate on a first come first served basis.

More on the EV info at Bristol Airport.

East Midlands Airport electric car charging

There are several top-up options available at East Midlands, but these appear to be for travellers who have booked cars into the facility's car parks and not for turn-up-and-charge customers.

Donnington Park Services offers ECPs just 1.7 miles from the terminal. Post code is DE74 2TN. See Zap Map.

Edinburgh Airport electric car charging

There are no charge options available within terminal parking facilities.

Check out Zap Map for options.

Glasgow Airport electric car charging

Free ECP bays can be used within the multi storey car park. Car Park 1 has six ECPs available for use. Just pay turn-up-and-park rates while you charge.

Get more details here on EV facilities at GLA.

Leeds Bradford Airport electric car charging

Viking Airport Parking has three WallPod Charge Points but these are not available to anyone wanting to top-up while dropping off or picking up at the airfield. 

See what the facility has to say about the chargers here. 

Liverpool Airport electric car charging

Liverpool LPL offers two rapid ECPs sited within the Long Stay Car Park. No parking fees are applied for the time it takes to charge a vehicle.

Find out more details on the charge points here

London City Airport electric car charging

No ECPs are listed as available for public use on the site.

There are many Type 2 (7KW and 5KW) chargers at sites within 1.5 miles of London City. Use Zap Map to find the status and location of these.

London Gatwick Airport electric car charging

To help its drive toward cutting emissions, Gatwick has installed eight 22kW chargers for electric vehicles. These allow drivers picking up friends and family to grab some charge while they wait. All of these are sited in the short stay car parks at both terminals.

Drivers of EVs will need to download an app - which can also be used to check availability of the chargers. Find out more Gatwick electric vehicle charger information here

London Heathrow electric car charging

Heathrow has many ECPs across its terminals, but many of these are restricted to staff and partners. However, there are some public-facing charge points available to drivers picking up friends and family from the terminals.

You can find the location of Heathrow's electric car charging points by taking a look at this map.

February 2023: We have received reports that many of the charge points are not working. We have contacted Heathrow for comment. 

London Luton Airport electric car charging

London Luton offers six Tesla charger points, and four type 2 points that can be used by the public. These are located on the 2nd floor of Terminal Car Park 1.

Drivers picking up (or dropping off) at Luton Airport can pay £1.00 for 30 minutes' parking - during which their vehicle will be connected to a charger. The discount only applies to 100% electric vehicles and not hybrids. Find out more info here about EV chargers at Luton Airport

London Southend Airport electric car charging

London Southend Airport does not list any ECPs .

The nearest top-up point on Zap Map is located at Shell Recharge Sovereign - the postcode is SS2 6NN.

London Stansted Airport electric car charging

Stansted Airport does not have any ECPs for drivers wanting to top-up their vehicle while picking up or dropping of passengers.

Zap Map shows the closest ECP is at the nearby Radisson Blu hotel, CM24 1PP

Manchester Airport electric car charging

Manchester Airport does not list any chargers available for drivers who are dropping off or picking up at the terminals.

The nearby Airport City SF Connect service station is 0.9 miles from the terminals, with others also available nearby. Use Zap Map to find locations of more EV chargers near the terminals.

Newcastle Airport electric car charging

Newcastle Airport currently offers two public ECPs in the Short Stay 1 car park. These cannot be reserved ahead of arrival. The facility has released plans to add many more such facilities in the coming years.

Find out more details of the EV chargers here.

Southampton Airport electric car charging

There are four units located on the first floor of the short stay car park, while two ECPs are to be found in the priority car park near the exit barriers. Anyone can turn and use them - while picking up or dropping off - in both car parks and simply pay the gate-rate for the parking time it takes to add sufficient charge. Use the Pod Point app to provide unlimited charging.

Information of Southampton Airport's electric car charge points are here.

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