Will I get a speed awareness course instead of points on my driving licence?

If you've been caught speeding in 2022, you might be offered a speed awareness course. Here's information on whether they will still happen during the pandemic, how much they cost, who will and won't be given the opportunity to take one - and if you'll get penalty points on your licence.

speedometer approaching 70mph with a speed camera ready to flash for a speeding ticketIf you have been caught speeding, will you be offered the chance to avoid penalty points with a speed awareness course?  

A Freedom of Information request by insurance comparison site Confused, revealed 2.5 million drivers were caught speeding in 2019 - totalling-up fines of at least £250m.
Some of these drivers will be banned, receive points on their licence and be slapped with big fines - but many will also be offered the opportunity to take a speed awareness course.
Here we explain the courses, by finding out what they entail and who might be offered one.

Are speed awareness courses still on offer because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2022?

The easing of Covid-related restrictions by the UK government has seen a limited number of venues re-open for physical courses, but the majority of these will remain in a virtual format for the foreseeable future. If you already had one booked, or have been offered one by the police, then book your virtual course here.

Is it just speeding offences that ‘awareness’ courses cover?

No, there are several courses covering a variety of motoring offences covering everything from speeding – with separate parts for motorway and 20mph zone offences – to training  for drivers involved in collisions or who've not been wearing a seatbelt. 

Which driving awareness course has most 'users’?

Of the 1.4 million drivers taking a training courses in 2017, over 1 million were related to speeding offences, followed by around 100,000 drivers taking the ‘What’s Driving Us’ course - this which covers offences, such as drivers using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Can I ask to be sent on a speed awareness course to ‘escape penalty points’?

No. The police will identify the 'offenders' who will be offered the opportunity to attend a course - not the other way around.

What is speed awareness course eligibility 2022?

Police will usually look to offer a course - and prevent a driver being prosecuted and fined - if it is clear that the offence was a genuine lapse of concentration or error of judgement. 

What happens on speed awareness courses?

The courses allows low-level speeding offenders take an educational course, alerting them to the dangers and possible outcomes of speeding.
Motorists on the course will be encouraged to think about why they were breaking the speed limit and receive advice on how to avoid it happening again.

Does the speed awareness course involve a practical session?

No. Even before the coronavirus pandemic closed classroom-based sessions, speed awareness courses have no practical element. All sessions are based in a virtual setting at the moment and in the classroom when Covid-19 restrictions allow. 

How long will it take to complete a speed awareness course?

Completing the course can take up to four hours.

Will I need to take the speed awareness course where the offence was committed?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it was unlikely that offenders would be required to take their speed awareness course in the same area the offence was committed. However, if forces use an alternative to the national provider, NDRS, the driver may have to return to the original area.
Currently, all classes are being held 'virtually', so there is no requirement for drivers to leave home to complete their speed awareness course.

Will I get penalty points on my licence if I take a speed awareness course?

No. If you are certified as completing the speed awareness course, you will not have penalty points added to your driving licence. 

What if I am caught speeding again?

Any speeding offence committed within three years of the previous offence, will typically see the driver face prosecution and receive a minimum of three penalty points. 
Drivers will not be given the chance of taking a second speed awareness course within this three-year period.

How much does a speed awareness course cost?

Prices vary across the country, but expect to pay around £100.

Do I need to tell my insurance company if I take a speed awareness course?

A speed awareness course does not amount to a conviction, so should not be considered as one by insurance companies.
The police will not share data of drivers taking speed awareness courses with insurers.
When renewing or applying for insurance, drivers were previously required to tell insurers about anything that ‘might’ be relevant to their application.
However, the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012, adjusted this to mean most drivers need only supply information that is directly requested.
This means, drivers will not need to disclose the fact they've attended a speed awareness course unless directly asked by the insurance company. 

Can you fail a speed awareness course?

There is no pass or fail - the only requirement is that it must be completed.

Does taking the course count as a motoring conviction?

No. Taking the course halts legal proceedings.

Can points for the original offence be added to my licence if I am caught speeding again?


Where can you book your place on a speed awareness course?

If you’ve been offered a place, you can book your speed awareness course here.  


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