Can you apply for a provisional driving licence at 15?

If you’re hoping to get on the road with a car, motorbike, moped or other such vehicle without having passed your driving test, you will first need to apply for a provisional driving licence from the DVLA.

Here we look at how and when you can apply for a provisional licence – and what it entitles you to drive and what conditions are attached to its use.

How to get hold of a provisional licence and how muchHow to get hold of a provisional licence and how much  (Credit: DVLA/Wikipedia and Pxhere)

What does a provisional licence entitle you to drive?

When you receive your driving provisional driving licence, you will be able to start learning to drive a car at 17, or ride a moped or light quad bike at 16 among others.

To find out exactly what your provisional licence will entitle you to drive, you should look at the categories printed on it. Find a full list of what these driving licence categories cover here.

How much does a provisional licence cost?

How much the licence costs will depend on how you apply for it.

Making your application online will cost £34. Apply online here.

Making your application by post will cost £43. How to apply for licence by post here.

How old do you need to apply for a provisional driving licence?

Anyone applying for a provisional driving licence in the UK must meet various conditions, and one of these is that the applicant must be at least 15 years and 9 months old when they make their application.

Are there any eyesight requirements when applying for a provisional licence?

The person applying for the provisional licence must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20 metres.

If the applicant wears glasses or contact lenses, these can be worn when attempting to read the number plate – and worn at all times when subsequently driving any on public roads.

Can visitors to the UK apply for a provisional licence?

The Gov.UK website says that a person – who meets all other requirements – can apply for a provisional driving licence if they have been given official permission to live in the UK for a minimum of 185 days.

How long does a provisional licence last and when does it need renewing?

Like full driving licences, a provisional version will last until you are 70, but the photocard will need to be renewed every 10 years. There will be a charge to renew your licence.

You may be able to continue to drive while waiting for your renewed licence to be processed and arrive – providing you meet certain criteria.

Find out when your provisional licence expires by checking the photocard section 4b.

How much will it cost to renew a provisional driving licence?

If you apply to renew your driving licence online here, it will cost you £14, but applying by post will see the fee jump to £17.

I need to change details on my provisional licence – how much and how?

If you need to change the likes of your address, photo or name on your driving licence, the following costs will apply.

What you need to change

Change online

Change by post










Photo and name at the same time



Photo and address at the same time



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