Free WiFi connections for all UK airports listed


If you are flying from the UK this year on holiday or business, then finding WiFi in the terminal will be a priority for many - as predictions of delays and cancellations point to many hours spent in the departure lounge. Don't panic, though, we have all the WiFi information to get you online for free at all major UK airports. 

Read on to find out how much free WiFi is available - and how to log-on to it - at all major UK airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Stansted. Scroll down for our easy-to-read guide that's been updated for 2024.

Heathrow Airport, just one of the UK terminals where WiFi is free for travellersHeathrow Airport, just one of the UK terminals where WiFi is free for travellers - find out how to log on here (Credit:

Why you need airport WiFi

Most people will have data packages, but airports are not typically the best place to use such connections - with weak signals and many people all attempting to draw on the bandwidth. That's where airport WiFi can help out, with many terminals having upgraded systems to take the strain. 

Many WiFi systems will include a homepage, with links to useful services within the airport, such as where to buy breakfast and other useful information - there may be discount codes to help you save money on services in the airport.

Update apps with airport WiFi before you fly...

Before you fly, it's a good idea to check that none of your vital apps - such as online banking and WhatsApp etc - do not need updating. Otherwise, you could find yourself eating into your on-holiday data roaming allowance to update essential apps when you arrive at your destination. And, with many phone networks allowing just a few gigabytes of allowance, updating one of these apps could leave you spending a lot of money on expensive roaming deals.

WiFi networks at UK airports listed





Aberdeen Airport Aberdeen_Airport_WiFi One-time sign-up required Free for 1 hour
Belfast City Airport N/A N/A Free
Belfast International Airport N/A N/A Free 2-hours'
Birmingham Airport N/A One-time sign-up required Free 30min 
Bristol Airport BRS Airport WiFi One-time sign-up required Free 2 hours
Cardiff Airport N/A N/A Free 2 hours
East Midlands Airport _FreeWifi N/A Free 4 hours 
Edinburgh Airport Edinburgh Airport Sign-in required Free 2 hours
Exeter Airport N/A N/A Free access
Glasgow Airport Glasgow_Airport_WiFi One-time sign-up required Free 1 hour
Glasgow Prestwick Airport Free Airport WiFi N/A Free 2 hours
Jersey Airport Ports of Jersey Public Wifi Sign-in required Free access
Leeds Bradford Airport Leeds Bradford Airport_ Free_ WiFi Sign-in required Free access
Liverpool Airport LJLA-Free-WiFi Sign-in required Free 4 hours
London City Airport LCY Airport Free Wi-Fi Sign-in required Free access
London Gatwick Airport Free Gatwick Wi-Fi Sign-in required Free access
London Heathrow Airport _Heathrow WiFi Sign-in required Free access
London Luton Airport Luton Airport WIFI Sign-in required Free access
London Southend Airport London Southend Airport Free WiFi Sign-in required Free access
London Stansted Airport _FreeWifi Sign-in required Free 4 hours
Manchester Airport _FreeWifi Sign-in required Free 4 hours
Newcastle Airport _NCLFreeWiFi (free) or _NCLPremiumWiFi (paid) Sign-in required Free
Southampton Airport Southampton_Airport_WiFi One-time sign-up required Free 1 hour

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