UK's busiest roads revealed - is your commute or school run included?


Driving in London costs drivers an average of £1,377 in lost time each year, according to traffic data experts at INRIX. Motorists driving in Bristol were second hardest hit, with £805 in lost time, followed by Manchester at £742.

Here motoring journalist and expert Pete Barden takes a look at research released by INRIX that reveals the amount of money drivers have lost through delays, along with a breakdown of where the UK’s busiest routes are. Read on to see if your commute of school run makes the list of most-congested roads in the UK.

The data also reveals just how many hours drivers are losing to congestion on the UK’s roads at traffic levels return to those of pre-pandemic times.

The UK's busiest roads revealedUK's busiest routes have been revealed - is your commute on the list  (Photo:

What are the most congested cities in the UK?

Here INRIX reveals the urban areas that are most congested, with London inside the M25 topping the list. London was also top last year, but the results show that Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham has become more congested in 2022, when compared with 2021.

2022 UK Rank (2021 Rank) City 2022 Delay hours (2021) Cost per Driver
1 (1) London 156 (148) £1,377
2 (3) Bristol 91 (66) £805
3 (6) Manchester 84 (66) £742
4 (8) Birmingham 73 (53) £646
5 (7) Belfast 72 (53) £636
6 (9) Nottingham 71 (58) £625
7 (21) Edinburgh 67 (45) £593
8 (10) Hull 68 (56) £604
9 (13) Leeds 60 (50) £503
10 (12) Leicester 62 (53) £551

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Most-congested roads in London – is your route included?

The five most congested routes in the UK are all in London. The A219 S/B from A304 Fulham Road to A297 Morden Hall Road – saw drivers lose 47 hours in 2022 – and was the most congested in the UK. The following table lists the other most-congested routes within the M25 across London.

Rank City Road Peak Hour Annual Peak Hours Lost
1 London A219 S/B from A304 Fulham Road to A297

Morden Hall Road

17:00 47
2 London A202E/B from Neathouse Place to B215

Peckham Hill Street

17:00 45
3 London A406 North Circular Road E/B from A1

Falloden Way to A110 Bowes Road

16:00 42
4 London A24 S/B from A205 The Avenue to A238

Merton High Street

16:00 38
5 London A205 E/B from A215 Norwood Road to

Ravensbourne Road

16:00 36

Busiest roads across the rest of the UK

Heading beyond the streets and roads of London, INRIX has also included a list of the busiest roads elsewhere in the UK. See if your commute or school run is included in the list here.

Rank City Road Peak Hour Annual Peak Hours Lost
1 Birmingham A45 E/B from Bordesley Circus to Henry Road 16:00 37
2 Leeds A6177 S/B from Bolton Road to Great Horton Road 16:00 34
3 Birmingham A435 S/B from Haden Circus to Wynfield Gardens 16:00 33
4 Edinburgh A902 W/B from A901 Great Junction Street to A90 Hillhouse Road 16:00 30
5 Leeds A65 S/B from B6153 Park Road to The White Horse Roundabout 16:00 30
6 Sheffield A61 from Moore Street Roundabout to A6101 Bradfield Road 16:00 29
7 Birmingham A45 W/B from B425 Hobs Moat Road to Bordesley Circus 16:00 28
8 Birmingham A34 Stratford Road S/B from Camp Hill Circus to Hamlet Road 17:00 28
 9  Bristol A4174 Bristol Ringroad N/B from Hicks Gate Roundabout to Bromley Heath Roundabout  17:00  28
10 Edinburgh A702 S/B from Brougham Street to the City of Edinburgh Bypass 16:00 27

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