Can I use my licence as voter ID for the General Election


People voting in some English elections, including the upcoming General Election that is expected this year or early 2025, will need to have photo ID to place a vote at polling stations across the country - but will a driving licence photocard count as such evidence?

Here we look at what type of licence will suffice - such as does it needs to be a full licence - and if a licence belonging to a disqualified driver is sufficient. We will also find out if foreign-issue licences will be accepted as the UK faces a General Election.

Can either or both of these driving licences be used a voter ID in UK elections and referendums from 4 May 2023?Can either or both of these driving licences be used as voter ID in UK elections and referendums from 4 May 2023?  (Photo: Pete Barden)

Is a photocard driving licence proof of identity for voting?

Yes - a photocard driving licence became acceptable for photo ID when voting in UK elections and referendums from 4 May 2023.

However, the licence must have been issued by the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands.

My driving licence photocard has expired, does that mean I can’t use it?

The driving licence photocard expires after 10 years, but the government has stated that even expired photo ID can be used when voting.

However, the photograph on the card must still look like you. This applies to all forms of photo ID, such as passports.

Having an expired driving licence for the purpose of driving can lead to big fines but can easily be kept under review using licence codes – so here is how to check when your licence photocard expires and how to renew it.

I have changed my name – can I still use the driving licence photocard as ID?

The name on the photo ID must match the name on the electoral register. If not, you can take a document with you that proves you have changed your name – such as a marriage certificate.

If you can’t do this, you will need to register to vote again.

Can I use a provisional licence?

A provisional licence photocard will be accepted as voter ID. There is no need for it to be a full licence.

My address is out of date on the licence – can I use it?

Having an incorrect address on your driving can attract a fine of £1,000 as a driver, but is not an issue when voting. The photocard does not show your address, and the card’s biometrics are not checked at the point of voting. It is used solely as voter ID.

Using a valid driving licence photocard for voter ID will not make you more likely to receive a fine.

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Is a green paper licence acceptable ID?

The green or pink paper licence is still legal for use when driving, but because they do not include photo ID, holders of these driving licences will not be able to use them when attempting to vote in elections.

Can I use a foreign-issue driving licence?

In some cases a foreign-issue driving licence can be used as photo ID. This is the case if the licence has photo ID and was issued in any of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, or an EEA state

What elections will I need photo ID like my driving licence for?

The government has listed the UK elections and referendums that will need photo ID such as a photocard driving licence. These are as follows:

  • UK Parliament by-elections
  • local elections in England (including councils, mayors, the Greater London Authority and parishes)
  • recall of MP petitions in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales
  • neighbourhood planning referendums and Business Improvement District referendums in England
  • local authority referendums in England (including Council Tax increase referendums)

Are there any other driving-related forms of photo ID that can be used?

A Blue Badge permit will also be accepted.

Are there ways of voting without a photo ID?

Some people may not have photo, or not wish to use it due to it being a gender marker, or through anonymous voting. In such cases, a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector's Document is available.

What happens if the photograph on the expired driving licence does not resemble the voter?

The photograph on the ID must clearly resemble the person attempting to vote. If this is not the case, then the officer should request alternative photo ID or prevent the person from voting until a valid document and photograph are produced. 

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