M25 Quiz... can you beat The Road To Hell?


Many of us spend far too long on the M25 - stuck in daily delays - but how much have you learned about the so-called Road To Hell as you sit idling on its clogged carriageways?

See how much you really know about the M25 London Orbital with our 10-question multiple choice quiz. Simply jot your answers down then check at the end.

How much do you know about the M25?How much do you know about the M25.  (Photo: Andreas Praefcke - Self-photographed, Public Domain)

M25 Quiz - can you beat The Road To Hell?

1.What is the total length of the M25 motorway that encircles London? 

a. 117 miles 
b. 130 miles 
c. 143 miles 
d. 157 miles

2.What is the speed limit on most sections of the M25? 

a. 50 mph 
b. 60 mph 
c. 70 mph 
d. 80 mph

3.Which of the following is not a junction on the M25? 

a. Junction 14 - Heathrow Airport 
b. Junction 6 - St Godstone 
c. Junction 1A - Dartford Crossing 
d. Junction 31 - Brighton

4. The Bell Common Tunnel runs between which M25 junctions?

a. J26 - J27
b. J20 - J21
c. J24 - J25
d. J28 - J29

5. Which agency is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the M25 motorway?

a. Highways England
b. Transport for London
c. National Highways
d. Thames Gateway Road Network

6. In what year was the last section of the M25 motorway completed?

a. 1975
b. 1986
c. 1991
d. 2003

7. What is the name of the service station located at junction 23 of the M25?

a. South Mimms
b. Cobham
c. Clacket Lane
d. Thurrock

8.How many junctions are there on the M25? 

a. 23 
b. 30 
c. 33 
d. 40

9.Which junction on the M25 provides access to the M1 motorway? 

a. Junction 4 
b. Junction 10 
c. Junction 14 
d. Junction 21

10.Which of the following is not a service station on the M25? 

a. South Mimms 
b. Thurrock 
c. Cobham 
d. Heston

Now check your M25 answers...

Score more than 7 and you're an M25 master... but maybe it's time to find another route before the orbital finally sends you loopy. 

1. a - 117 miles.
2. c - 70 mph.
3. d - Junction 31 - Brighton.
4. a - The Bell Common Tunnel runs between junctions 26 and 27
5. a – Highways England.
6. b - 1986.
7. a - South Mimms.
8. c - 33
9. d - J21
10. d - Heston.

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