When is my car's road tax and MOT due?


With road tax (car tax / VED) and MOT testing all going digital, motoring journalist and expert Pete Barden looks at how you can use a free government-run tool to check if your car is still legal and when you will need to renew.

Use and share this free tool right now to help beat fines for untaxed vehicles or expired test certificates. All you need is your car's number plate. You can also use this to check the status of vehicles that you suspect have been dumped on public roads.

Find out if you have car tax or risk getting clamped by the DVLAMake sure your car is taxed or risk getting it clamped by the DVLA  (Credit: Flikr / Tico 24 edited version of original under Creative Commons)

How to check when your car tax and MOT is due

The following sections bring together two free, instant methods of checking that your car tax and MOT are still valid. The tools are operated by the government and will not charge users for finding out this information.

How do I check if my car is still taxed?

This used to be obvious when tax discs were displayed on car windscreens, but the change to a paperless system made it less obvious if a vehicle is still taxed. While owners will get a reminder, it’s easy to forget for those who pay in one annual payment.

However, it’s easy to instantly find out if your vehicle is taxed by using the Gov.UK online tax checker too. Simply go to this page and add your car’s registration plate to find out if it is taxed. This is a free service. You can also phone the DVLA.

How to check if my car has a current MOT?

The DVSA will not post out reminders when a car’s MOT is due, so it is down to the driver to ensure the vehicle is legal. But, like tax, the Gov.UK offers a free online tool to instantly check the MOT status of your vehicle. Use this MOT checker tool to see if your car has a current certificate.

Can I get an MOT reminder?

While reminders are not posted out, there is an official tool that can send out alerts when an MOT is due. Set up the MOT reminder for one month before it is due here.

Can I check my insurance is valid?

You can also check if your insurance is valid on any particular day with this checker – it will not tell you when it expires, though. 

Where are most un-taxed cars in the UK

Are you concerned that you might not have any car tax? New research from the DVLA has revealed where the most untaxed vehicles are located – so check yours now or expect a large fine.


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