Caught speeding in France - will I be fined and get 3 points?


With many British tourists taking their cars across the English Channel, many are asking what happens if they are caught speeding in France. 
So, with questions such as ‘Hey  Alexa will I get points for speeding in France?’ and other such queries being orated across the UK, we look at the answers that drivers need to know when motoring in France. 

Will UK drivers get speeding tickets and points in France?Will UK drivers get speeding tickets and points in France? (Credit:

Will I be fined if caught speeding in France?

In theory, anyone from the UK caught speeding in France can be fined in the same way as locals, but the reality of this is not as simple as it seems.

If you are caught by the police in person, then UK drivers can be fined on the spot - as this is common in France. However if drivers are caught by one of France’s many speed cameras then the outcomes could be less expensive.

The fine is unlikely to arrive on your doorstep unless the driver’s home country has an agreement with France that allows driver details to be exchanged. 

Does the UK exchange driver details with French police?

Since the UK left the UK in 2021, the UK does not have an agreement with France that permits the exchange of driver details for offences such as speeding and other such driving offences - meaning Brits are unlikely to receive a fine. 

Will I get penalty points on my driving licence if caught speeding in France?

As with fines, UK drivers will not receive penalty points on their licence if they are caught speeding in France. There is no bilateral agreement with France that would allow points to be added to UK driving licences. 

Can police fine drivers on the spot?

Police who catch drivers speeding in person can issue on-the-spot fines - and will often do this if they spot speeding Brits as they know they will escape a fine otherwise. 

You can pay the reduced amount if caught this way. If the offence is serious or drivers refuse to pay the fine, then the vehicle could be impounded.

The police will provide payment options at the time of the offence.

Can France’s private speed camera cars issue on-the-spot fines?

Along with marked police cars, France has hundreds of unmarked private speed camera cars cruising the country’s highways.

There are around 450-500 of these vehicles in France, but as they cannot issue on-the-spot fines, it is unlikely that British drivers will receive a fine if they are caught by one of the vehicles. 

What if I am driving a French hire car - will I be fined for speeding if caught?

This is where things change. While you are unlikely to get fined if caught speeding while driving a UK-registered car, being caught in a French-registered hire car will likely see you paying the fine and possibly a hefty admin charge handed out by the hire car company. 

This is because the fine will go to the French hire company, which will have your credit card details and be able to charge you. And they will usually add a significant admin charge on for the pleasure.

How much are speeding fines in France?

As with such offences in the UK, fines will depend on the severity of the violation. However, according to Connexion magazine they may range from €68 for being less than 20km/h above the limit, up to €1,500 if more than 50km/h over the top. 

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