How much is a replacement driving licence if lost or stolen?


Having your driving licence stolen can cause plenty of anxiety and inconvenience, but before you rush to get a replacement, it's important to double-check that it's actually lost rather than just misplaced it.

However, if you are sure the driving licence has been stolen, it is important to report if to the police and DVLA as soon as possible – as this will lessen the chances of it being used for identity fraud and other criminal endeavours.

Here we look at what to do as soon as your licence goes missing.

What to do if your driving licence is stolenHere we look at what to do if your driving licence is stolen.  (Credit:

What to do if your licence is stolen

If you believe your licence has been stolen, you must report it to the police immediately to help prevent identity fraud. Once you've reported the stolen licence, you should report it to the DVLA, so it can start the process of getting a replacement sent out to you.

Will my stolen driving licence be cancelled?

This is where the problem lies, as your driving licence cannot be ‘cancelled’ as such. The driving licence number is unique and will remain the same for your replacement licence - and throughout your driving life.

What this means is, the stolen licence can be used for nefarious reasons until the physical card expires – this can be found on section 4b of the licence.

However, don't panic, the DVLA says the licence has security features – beyond the driver number – that allows it to know whether a licence is the most recently issued version. It say the driver number alone isn’t enough for crooks to access or change information on the organisation’s database. See below for more ways to protect yourself.

How can I protect myself against fraud if my licence is stolen?

If you have had your driving licence stolen, you should let your bank know and ask for extra security measures to be put in place if standing orders or direct debits are taken out on your accounts.

You can also contact providers such as Experian and subscribe to a service that will keep you up to date on credit check on your accounts – common when people are attempting to open new credit cards or even new bank accounts or loans. This can be invaluable information to stop fraudsters using your details. Here is more information on such an identity fraud watch service from Experian.

You must also make sure your driving licence details – such as name and address – are up to date or you will be making it easier for fraudsters to use your stolen licence for criminal purposes. You can also leave yourself open to a £1,000 fine for having incorrect information. It could also see you not getting compensation for money lost to criminals.

How to apply for a replacement for a stolen driving licence

The easiest and quickest way to apply for a replacement licence is online. There are a few requirements to be able to apply this way, such as being a resident of Great Britain, providing addresses for the past 3 years, and providing an alternative form of ID such as a passport.

You can also apply by post with a D1 form from your local post office. If the form isn’t available then you’ll need to order a copy online. You will need to send in your application with payment by cheque.

You can also apply to replace your stolen or lost driving licence if your details have not changed, the licence has more than 56 days until it expires. Contact the DVLA on 0300 790 6801. 

How much does a replacing a stolen driving licence cost?

Replacing your driving licence will cost £20, whether you're on a full licence or a provisional. This fee applies whether your licence was lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Can you still drive while waiting for a new licence?

Yes, you can still drive while waiting for your new licence to arrive, provided you haven't been disqualified from driving – either for traffic offences or medical reasons - and have sent in an application for your replacement.

What to do if your provisional licence is stolen?

If you lose your provisional licence through theft, the process to apply for a replacement is the same as above, and you'll also have to pay the £20 fee.

How to keep your driving licence safe

Your licence is an important document, so keeping it in a home safe, for example, would not be over the top. And remember, while driving in the UK there is no need to carry your driving licence with you at all times. If you are stopped, you will be able to take your licence into a police station at a later date. The DVLA has urged drivers to leave their licences at home to lessen the risk of theft.

Will having your driving licence stolen affect your car insurance?

No, replacing your stolen driving licence won't affect your car insurance quote if you report it to the police and DVLA. But if you fail to report it stolen, you could find that crooks have used your licence to commit motoring offences such as speeding and these could be accredited to you – which could see insurance premiums go up.

Can I contact the DVLA on live chat to get advice?

Yes – you can try to contact the DVLA on live chat, but there may be times when this is not available. Find out how to contact the DVLA live chat here.

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